Mining and Resources Sector

In the resources sector, there is a strong acceptance of technology through all facets of the industry. From geology and exploration to downstream processing there are greater and greater opportunities to benefit from better engineering and the application of technology. We know and understand how to derive business value through the application of technology.


Our strengths arise from our history in engine development, and we have experts in mechanical engineering, materials and electronics, metrology, rotating machines and other specialist disciplines. With a large complement of engineers based in Perth, Western Australia, we have an extensive facility for design, fabrication, prototyping, testing and commissioning of complex devices. With experience in such complex projects we can be relied on to deliver on our promises.

The group employs proven delivery methods which are evolved from our Orbital Consulting Services and traditional engine management businesses, including a record of on-time, on-budget delivery of production projects (from concept, through design, development, prototyping and testing to production status).