Genesis Case study

In 1996 Orbital released 100 EcoSport vehicles into the wider Australian market. This engineering feat was the culmination of years of base engine design, validation and testing and served to mark the attainment of all productionisation goals set forth by the automotive OEMs.


  • demonstrate capability to achieve production sign-off
  • manufacture engines and convert a fleet of 100 vehicles
  • complete certification procedures
  • demonstrate Orbital DI market readiness


  • 20-25% more performance
  • 15% less fuel consumption
  • 3year infield trial
  • combined fleet mileage of 5,000,000kms
  • individual vehicle mileage of over 150,000kms

Experience gained:

  • complete base engine design, analysis, development and manufacture
  • vehicle calibration and certification
  • vehicle infield, hot trip, cold trip testing and validation